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ProTools 12.7

eddie knuckles

Gold Supporting Member
Yay!! My son helped me and got ProTools 12.7 to work on my Windows 8.1 machine with an AMD processor, and 1st gen Scarlett 6i6.

... what a harrowing experience. I used PT LE 7 on XP years ago and it never seemed this difficult....

my gawd....

My fear is now that we spent so much anguish and heartache getting everything loaded, I will plug in my guitar to start redefining the pop record as we know it, and my mind will go completely pale white blank with the largest iceberg of writer's block forever known to mankind.....

hey, maybe there's a song in there after all...


"I'm losing my edge, but I was there..."
Gold Supporting Member
All professional level DAW software has a tendency to make you more of a engineer than a musician if you're not careful.
I used to build PC based PT DAW machines for clients from 2000-2010, up through PT8.x
I loved PT7.4. It was perfect except for the fact that it didn't support 64bit. Also, Digidesign really had hit a rut and they weren't keeping up with their competitors.
Remember paying for the "MP3 plugin" that was part of th "Producers Bundle"?
Hundreds of dollars so you could natively export to MP3.
What a joke.
That when I left the PT world.
At lest I made money from all the arcane PC knowledge I had acquired, but while my computer skills flourished my musician skills suffered.

I gave up on PCs and PT at the same time, bought a used MacBook Pro and downloaded GarageBand.
That's when I got back to being a musician.
I wouldn't go back to PT or anything more complicated than GB unless I was making a major label release. Maybe Ableton if I was building a live show with tracks.
There's no point. Too complicated and people can't hear the difference anyway.

eddie knuckles

Gold Supporting Member
That is a very valid point.

My son is a recording engineer and he speaks PT very well. My goals are to record in my living room by myself and with others. Many kinds of music. I have been composing for guitars, bass, drums, cello and horns. Jazz, blues, country, rock, folk, etc...

I also play in a top 40 country band, and writing originals and recording the whole band live to tracks is also appealing to me.

I have a lot of music in my head I need to get out, but not looking to make an album and go on tour. The PROCESS of making music is what is driving me at this stage of my life. I used ACID Pro since its inception, and I wanted to have tracks available that I could use during the writing/arranging process that will sound good, and be able to share with my son (recording engineer). If something were to pop to the surface, I could more formally record in the future or whatever happens... Having it already in PT may help the process along without having to do too much re-recording...

Very happy to dive into the PT world for now, but I will be mindful of your experiences. I appreciate your insightful take on this.

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