ProTools and Windows 8.1?

eddie knuckles

Silver Supporting Member
It appears Mac and Windows environment issue are old (I had ProTools LE 7 - and it HATED XP).

Does anyone run a current (or nearly current) AVID version of ProTools on Windows 8.1 or lower? Anything I need to know before making an investment?

I will be using the software for demos and general recording of original material. My son is very well versed in PT, and he is a Mac based recording engineer. I was using ACID since it's inception over the last 15 or so years plus.. give or take, and I am having issues running it on my current machine, needing to change sample rates between the software and my interface. Lately I have had to uninstall/reinstall and it is still having issues.

I think I'm ready to move up. My son speaks in ProTools, so he will be a valuable (invaluable, actually) resource for me...

I thank you in advance for your wisdom and assistance.


Should work fine but I recommend upgrading to Windows 10 if you can just because of personal preference.

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