ProTools frustration. Any ideas ?


Not generally related to PT, but it is problematic.
Had my humble studio set up for recording and writing.
PT 12.2, UR 22, ISA one pre, HS5 monitors, Neuman TLM 102.
Set up and ran flawlessly for 12 mths.
Then i upgraded (or thought i had) to a Scarlett 18i20, Octapre MKii Dynamic.
Loaded software (Mix control) synced the 18i20 + Octapre.
Now I'm having nothing but issues, PT won't load without error message, won't find playback engine, has to be reset all the time sometimes won't work at all and constantly freezes.
WTF, Why ?
16gb Ram Windows 7 64, Intel i5 processor 3.2gHz.
Frustrated to the max, work to be done ..........

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