Sold PRS 305 with Humbuckers!


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This is cool custom job I found that is truly one of a kind.Started out as a 305 and was professionally routed for humbuckers. It has SD 59's in the neckand bridge and has a SD single coil in the middle. The natural wood pickup rings cover the routing job, soit's undetectable. It sounds great. The humbuckers can be split with a push/push tone (which was installed closest to the bridge) and it retains the original 5-way switching, so there are a lot of different tones.

There are a few very minor dings if you look at it carefully and catch thelight just right, but nothing major and frets are great. It is really a beautiful and uniquely versatile guitar. It is just not getting any playing time since I got a P22! Original like new case, trem bar, strap locks and black leather PRS strap included.

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