PRS Archon vs. Mesa Rectifier - Go!

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Hi guys!

    I've been a Mesa Boogie user for years...I owned several Rectifiers (Dual, Triple, Reborn, Mini) and always thought that those amps fit my musical taste the best. I play hard rock like Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Black Stone Cherry...But I always had trouble setting up the Rectifier exactly how I wanted them to be...I had a perfect sound in our rehearsal space, then on stage I had to tweak it again because it sounded completely different...Yeah I know, room etc. But that's not what I mean. I also had problems with getting my sound right at different volume levels. I never liked how the Rectos sound on stage volume...I missed some kind of punch, tightness and always had this fizziness going on. Then I heard the Archon....And was blown away!

    I bought it right of the bat and since then I am finally happy with the sound of my amp. In my opinion the Archon sounds like the better version of the Rectifier...Tight as hell, cutting through the mix and a lot of deep bottom end. Just an awesome plug-and-play amp...This is the reason what kept me from selling the amp with regard to the noisy effects loop. And after all those years with my Rectifiers I am just a step away from selling my beloved Rectifiers.

    What are your opinions on the Archon compared to a Mesa Rectifier? Have you had a chance to compare them side by side?

    Here are my thoughts...I know a lot of people want to know the differences of those amps so I thought let's gather the information:)

    - I like the 3 channel design of the Recto and the different voicings but I always had problems getting the sound right! It was just too much for me. The Archon has only two channels, but the lead channel is an amazing rhythm and lead channel.
    - Turning the depth knob and the bright switches of the Archon are like getting different amps, amazing
    - The Archon is definitely a player's amp, just plug and play! All set on noon and your good to go.
    - The Recto is a pain in the arse regarding the flabbiness, I often had to use a boost to get it tight.
    - compared to the Archon, the Recto is very easy to include into a rig...Normal latching type switches for channel switching, not those 5-pin custom cables of the Archon
    - In my opinion the Archon sits better in a band situation, also with low tunings.

    No you.....Shoot!

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