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Sold PRS DGT - 10 Top


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Up for sale/trade is a SHOW-STOPPING 2011 PRS DGT 10 Top. The highly figured top and Solana burst finish make this DGT look truly stunning. Plus, the DGT sounds just as good (of not better) than it looks. This particular DGT is quite resonant with tons of sustain. The original DGT pickups have been swapped for a set of 57/08s. As a result the tone is bigger and more balanced. The neck pickup is perfection, and if you roll off the tone pot a hair, the bridge is quite similar to the original DGT pup.

The guitar is in near mint condition and has only been played a handful of times (never gigged). The DGT comes with original hard case, papers shown, and trem arm.


Trade interests: PRS Paul's Guitar, Collings, Knaggs, Nik Huber, Tom Anderson and Suhr guitars.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Thanks!

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