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FS PRS Electric, SC-250, 594 SC Wood Library Artist and a Mayones Duvell VF7


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The gear clear out begins, and stuff needs to go! Not really looking for any trades.

1989? PRS Electric. As best I can tell from the serial numbers shown on the PRS website looks like it's an 89.
-Fire Red
-Alder body
-Maple Neck, feels a lot more like a regular than wide-thin on this one
-Rosewood Fretboard w/Moons, not 100% sure of the species of rosewood but I assume it's Indian
-Original Blank Back T&B pickups
-Volume and 3-way switch
-Original Hardshell Case
-No case candy with this one
-In great shape for it's age with no major damage just typical dings and swirl marks in the finish. Little finish wear on the back of the neck. Tried to get shots of all the spots, let me know if you need any additional ones.

When I bought it they advertised that it was all original, but when I got it the bridge pickup was a Seymour of some type. I did a hunt for a bit and found a blank back T to put in the guitar. You can tell by the high E&B slugs being a different material than the rest. The original toggle was loose, so I sourced a direct replacement for it, the original is included though.

$1300 shipped and PayPal'd CONUS Only

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2008 PRS SC250
-Grey Black (second pic shows the true color of it)
-Mahogany chambered body
-Wide Fat Mahogany neck
-Rosewood fretboard w/birds
-Rosewood back plates
-BKP Abraxas bridge and Supermassive HB sized P90's in the neck
-Adjustable stop tail
-One piece maple top
-Plenty of dings and scratches, nothing through the finish, pick scratches etc. I tried to get pics of the back where most of the dings are, but it just wouldn't show up. Played and loved not abused.

$1300 shipped and PayPal'd CONUS Only - SOLD!!

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2018 PRS 594 SC Wood Library Artist in Copperhead
-Awesome Artist Quilt top. Not being hyperbolic, this is really close to a Private Stock grade piece
-Korina back
-Pattern Vintage Indian Rosewood neck w/ebony fretboard
-Fretboard Inlays Paua Rim w/Green Select Abalone
-Scale Length 24.594" 22 frets
-Black Paisley hardshell case
-Tuners PRS Tweaked Phase III Locking Tuners
-Hybrid hardware
-Treble Pickup PRS \m/
-Bass Pickup 58/15 LT Bass

This is a heavy boy: Weight is 9 lbs 14 oz. so definitely keep that in mind.

Dealer pic first and one of my own added to approximate the actual color, it's right in between the two. Not as dark as the dealer pic and not as light as mine in person. I can add more pics if needed, just ask if you want some more! Cool striped rosewood neck really shows up in the sunlight well.

$3800 shipped and PayPal'd CONUS Only

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And the Mayones. Pretty different for most around here, but I know there are a couple Metalheads creeping about.

2018 Mayones Duvell Elite VF7
-Mahogany body
-Fanned fret Wenge neck with purpleheart stripes
-stainless frets
-Hipshot tuners
-BKP Aftermaths
-Hipshot bridge
-Hiscox hard case
-Eye Poplar top
-Ebony fretboard with luminlay side dots

This is the exact guitar on their website: https://mayones.com/page/duvell-elite-vf-bkp-7-natural/

$2700 shipped and Pay Pal’d CONUS only

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Thanks for looking!!
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