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Sold PRS Grissom Treble and Bass DGT Pickups


Selling a pair of Grissom pickups, pulled from a Paul Reed Smith DGT guitar. Brushed covers, excellent condition, plenty of wire length, set up for coil splitting (or just tape that lead off for traditional Gibson-type wiring).

Bass (Neck) pup is 7.58K ohms on my meter (3.78K when split). 12" leads.

Treble pup is 8.56K (4.27K when split), 9.5" leads.

Price includes US shipping and PayPal. Please respond by PM or email. Thanks.


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Still available at the (just reduced) price. Not looking for trades or offers.
However, if a TGP member is local to me, I'll knock off $15 for an in-person, cash sale.