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PRS has nitro over poly - Can I do that?


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Looking at a poly body that I want to put an amber shade of nitro ReRanch on to make it a darker shade. Will the nitro stick to the poly? PRS does this on some of their guitars. Any issues anybody knows concerning this?


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Nitro over poly? No problem. I have refinished at least 3 guitars this way and probably half a dozen necks. You simply need to "scuff up" the poly finish a bit, then procede to shoot your nitro. I would suggest going over to the Reranch forum and cruise around. You pretty much can find out anything and everything there from a bunch of good guys who live to paint guitars.

One thing that WILL NOT work is poly over nitro. There is a chemical reaction there that causes major issues.


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Yes you can go over the top, but dont burn through the poly clear, just lightly sand with 320 then 400 and spray the nitro. The rule is nitro can't go under poly, but it can go over it.


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The nitro under poly analogy applies to artist paints as well. You can paint oil over acrylic because acrylic like poly is pretty stable and inert. If you paint acrylic over oil you'll have all sorts of problems because oil paints like nitro age and are more organic. Acrylic paints will stick to dry oil paints temporarily but the paint will eventually crack, flake off, rot, etc

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