PRS Hollowbody Spruce pickup ideas needed


I recently played a Korean made Casino with P90's, and the thing really sounded pretty good.. which got me thinking about my PRS Spruce top Hollowbody. It has the stock pickups and the piezo, and to me the humbuckers in that guitar have always seemed to lack character.. hard to explain.. but just don't flip the switch like the classic 57's in my 335 or even the burstbucker pro's..

So, I was thinking of a few options:

The SD P Rails ... (PITA to wire up, might look funky, maybe too much drive?)
SD Antiquities.. mellow, PAF type sound for not WCR dollars..
SD Seth Lovers.. similar to above but with more ooomph to my ears
Phat Cats.. get that P90 sound in a humbucker shape..
maybe some Lollars or other boutique type pickups.

Looking for other cool ideas.. my two other guitars are the 59 ES 335 Historic with the 57's and the JE Masterbuilt '54 Strat with the Abigail hand wound 54 pickups.. (so the P90's are kind of attractive to fill in that niche)

Thanks for your suggestions!


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