PRS owners - did you KEEP or CHANGE your PRS Pups?


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I have mostly older models and did swap pickups mainly due to tastes changing. Actually played my ce22 stock for many years but eventually went with something lower wound.

The exception is my Starla stoptail. Totally stock. Great pickups!
I bought some pickups to replace the stock set in my Standard 24 but I haven’t gotten around to installing them yet.

I have the exact same set in my SE C24 and love them.


johnny q

I'm curious to know what you prefer about the 59 over the jazz?
Nothing. I like them both the same. The Jazz is a little lighter and spritzier sounding than the 59. I always had (and still have in one of my guitars) the Jazz paired with the JB, so I figured I would try something different.


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I just wanted to chime in and say, "I believe". My best friend picked up one of those metal foil Custom 24 SE guitars with the 58/15S pickups. I couldn't believe how good those sounded split and the humbucking tones were impressive to boot. All the old PRS pickups I've owned - the #6, the McCarty Archtops, the HFS/Vintage Bass, the Duncan custom P90s - just don't compare. The fact that an import guitar could sound that good plugged in really opened my eyes. PRS has listened and stepped up his game. I can only imagine how good the new USA ones sound!


I’m a lucky dude and own 3 PRS. One has 58/15 (not Low Turns), one has DGTs, and one has the VB/HFS combo.

All stock; but if I had more than one guitar with the VB/HFS combo in it, I’d be swapping for thornbuckers. A buddy has a CE22 with some Duncan’s that gets amazing tone.

Pickups are easy to change if you love the rest of the kit. But always play with heights and pole pieces first kids.

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