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PRS S2 Neck Dimensions?


Hey everyone! I'd like to order a new neck for one of my favourite Strats (it's an older Highway One) but with the neck shape & fret size that I prefer. It just so happens that my favourite neck (besides my old LP) is on my S2 Custom 22. I've never ordered a neck before and would love to know where I should go (Warmoth, etc) as well as which neck shape/width, etc I should order!

Can any of you experts help me out?

John C

Gold Supporting Member
The PRS S2s use the "Pattern Regular" neck shape; here are the dimensions from the PRS website:
  • Neck width a nut width - 1 21/32" (or 1.656")
  • Neck width at body - 2 1/4" (or 2.25")
  • 1st fret depth - 27/32" (or .844")
  • 10" radius
PRS does not list the depth at the 12th fret like a lot of other companies. Here's the link to that info:

That being said Wildwood guitars puts neck specs on their website; they have 6 S2s on their site at the moment; these range between .84" and .86" at the 1st fret and .92" to .95" at the 12th fret.
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Warmoth’s ‘59 roundback is the closest you’ll probably find. 1 11/16” nut, 10” radius.

That will put you VERY close.
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