PRS SC245, Dave Grissom Model, Vs. Les Paul Historics


Looking at all three models. How does the SC245 sound relative to a historic. Similarly how is the grissom model, the DGT? The SC245 and Grissom both look like nice guitars. I've never owned any PRS guitars, mainly I have only ventured into Fender and Gibson designs. Is the 245 a viable alternative to say a historic R7 or R8. In a band context, are LPs significantly different than these PRS models?


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Do a search on "sc245". There are lots of threads about this model.

I have no experience with the DGT as it's not available yet.

I did get the change to A/B two SC245's next to a 57 Historic LP.

The SC245 is more articulate and refined with more of a mid emphasis. I captures the low end grunt of a LP without the mud.

The 57 souded more raw and a bit hotter. Not as articulate, particularly on the neck pickup.

I prefer the SC245. Others will prefer the LP.

Is the 245 a viable option to a LP? Absolutely. It captures the tonal spirit of the LP and in my opinion improves upon it. In a band context I like it better than an LP because it cuts through the mix better and the low end is way more articulate but still just as big as an LP.

If you want the PRS that sounds the most like a LP, the 245 is definitely the one to try. It doesn't sound exactly like an LP so if you want an LP, get an LP.


+1 ... Plus ... I have played a DGT, and as terrific as it is, it is not as close as the SC245 to the LPs.

There are also a couple additional options on the 2008 SC245 and SC250. If you prefer a smaller neck, PRS will offer their wide thin neck and the new Artist Package will include an ebony fretboard.


The SC245s I've played were pretty near equivalent to the new LP standards that I've played. Both the new 2007 LP Standards and the SC245 are chambered.

IMHO the average historic LP has a little more going for it than the SC245s that I've played.

But all of these guitars will vary tonewise and your tastes may not match mine.

In the end the best approach is to get out and play as many examples of each as you can find, then just buy the one you like the most regardless of which make or model. Unfortunately, this isn't always easy unless you live near some of the bigger dealers.

Good Luck



My 245 is amazing, wows me everytime i plug it in to an amp, doesnt seem to matter what either, its just such a dam good sounding guitar for any styles but it REALLY excels at dirty bar rock imo...... might be just because thats what i play mainly ;)



Really cool looking top!

Back to the topic. I was in a studio with my friend's SC245, '68 Les Paul (with humbuckers) and Yamaha SG2000. I also own Historic R0. SC245 sounds pretty different from LP. SC difinitely has the semi-hollow-ish sound. SC sounded somewhat close to my Hamer semi-hollow Korina. So, if you want the LP sound, you might not like SC. If you want something different, then try it. I think SC cuts through the mix better.

Very surprisingly, Yamaha sounded close to LP. It was a brand new guitar that Yamaha sent to my friend for free. It was a good guitar, so I went home, and checked the price online. It was like $2,000. I was thinking about buying it, if it was like $600.:jo

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