PRS Silver Sky "Lunar Ice" finish announced


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I've completely come around on the Silver Sky after not liking them at release, sold my CS Strat because I've been enjoying my SS so much.

Thankfully these limited release colors don't do too much for me, so I'm happy to see them released for the collectors and the flippers and the like....but I'm happy with my Tungsten one and I think some of the other standard line colors are great too....dodgem blue and orion green are both great.

My only asks for the Silver Sky would be an HSS option and maybe an upgraded tuner button, nothing wrong with the grey plastic functionally but I don't love them. Otherwise, very happy with the SS how it is.

I thought about trying to get my hands on one of these for fun and then I really considered and realized I don't really want a guitar this color myself.....the hype just gets one excited for minute. I'd rather get a maple board Orion Green I think...which I might do later this year.


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Dave's sold them out yesterday, before they were announced. Not sure how that works? GC SAYS they have a few left, I guess we'll find out. I figure I was going to get a SS anyway, and pretty sure I won't lose money on this one if I don't love it?

Oh, and flip-flop paint? Kinda cool. Reminds me of a 90s Ford in a way (at least it's not the green to gold that really looks cheesy). I've got a Hamer from the 90s with almost exactly the same paint and it looks good.

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Seeing another limited edition just makes me think of flippers, and the whole thing being like the sneaker market, where people pay stupid money to have the new thing. Would have preferred to see some pastel colors or matching headstocks.
Agreed. Alrhough, I don’t hate the look of this one. I’d like to see some roasted flame maple necks, myself. And lefties.:cry:

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