PRS Silver Sky Relic: Internet Explodes


I like the relic job, but the exposed wood areas I would of made it a more grayish brown instead of just leaving in plain bare. Neck got no Relic thou? hahahaha! ok, just add cigarette burn on head stock, voila! cherry on top! hahaha!


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I'm sure the Silver Sky is a nice guitar, but I don't get the concept of a relic on a guitar that has only been in production for a couple of years.
It's art.
Remove the 'utility/reality' aspect from it.
The intention is to create a look, decoration to affect a mood, perhaps adding a desirable feel.
The market has responded. It's cool.:banana


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I don't have a problem with a relic job on anything, though I agree it's a little strange to put 20 years of wear on a guitar that's been available for a total of 18 months.

The problem here is that the relic job isn't very good. The springs are rusty but the bridge plate is pristine? There's wear all along the cutaway but the pickguard is untouched? A little logic goes a long way on a relic.


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I actually like relicing, albeit only to a limited extent, and I really like PRS guitars (see avatar), but that looks ridiculous.
Like most relic jobs, it's obviously fake, but so are most others. We all knew this was coming anyway, though it did start as a joke. Well, it's still a joke.

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