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By the end of the 70s Zeke Lund, who had been in The Smoke back in the 60s, was working as a sound engineer in Germany for producer Frank Farian. Farian's band Boney M did a cover of The Smoke's one big hit from the 60s.

The original version of the song was too explicitly pharmaceutical for EMI and had to be re-written for release. This is the original demo version:

This is the one that was released as a single. It probably would have been a big hit in the UK, but the BBC banned it soon after its release. It was a big hit on the continent of Europe though, especially in Germany.

This is the Boney M version from 1980:

The next single Boney M was to release featured another 60s cover (I won't post the original because I assume everyone knows it):

Are there any other disco covers of acid rock classics out there?

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