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PT15 to IR, or not to IR?


I'm about to order a PT15 with a matching 212 cabinet. I am having a hard time deciding between the IR model and the non-IR model.

Uses will include:

Club gigs in rock cover band.
Jam sessions.
Bedroom practice sessions.
Maybe recording sessions.

Do I need the extra features of the IR model?

I have an invoice for each, and am prepared to place the order. Just need your advice on which one to get.


Thanks in advance.
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Silver Supporting Member
If you can swing it, you won't regret getting the IR model. For practice, recording, and live (using the IR's direct to PA/monitors), it's really nice having the load box/IR's.


Platinum Supporting Member
I’m bouncing between the two versions myself. I’m leaning towards the non-IR flavor at the moment cuz I’m thinking that in 5 years or so the current IR tech may feel a bit dated, but the amp parts would be somewhat evergreen. On the other hand, it would be nice to have everything in the box... ah... driving in circles!


Silver Supporting Member
The versatility of quality IR hosting is always worth having.


Silver Supporting Member
If you feel this might be one of your main amps I think the IR version is highly warranted. I've owned the Suhr RL-IR and compared to other options I still think it's the best for low volume (reamped) and/or silent into audio interface, headphones, etc. Figure you can probably double your hours of playing time if you can fit in SATISFYING silent playing time. That is bolded for truth and hard to find with a tube amp.
And even at small clubs I still send a feed direct to FOH/PA so the convenience there is fantastic.
I don't think I would even consider the non-IR version (and I'm considering the PT15 amp bigtime!)
I'm working overnight and playing using a good headphone integrated solution with my tube amp right now. So much better then messing with modeling rigs, etc. Using the gear constantly is great!


Gold Supporting Member
Try it before you buy it, if you can, that might be all you need to answer your question.


Gold Supporting Member
I’m hoping to own this amp someday soon, the features and tones are so impressive.
For my part, I would absolutely get the IR version. I own the RLIR and it’s the best gear purchase ever. Having that built into an amp is just genius IMHO. I would use it all the time. Plus I’d keep the RLIR to use with my other amps and be able to do stereo w/ the PT15IR.
But either way you’re getting a killer amp, so... win - win. :)

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