PTD PlexiBender


Handmade sonic art
Here's some PlexiBender into an Orange Tiny Terror with some punchy gain going.

The PlexiBender is My Copper Penny germ OD/Fuzz and Plexi pre-amps

For examples of the Copper Penny into a Fender Deluxe Reverb see my Front page at

*From clean transparent boost to filthy filth
*All germanium original Copper Penny circuit built for dirty amps
*FET based Plexi pre-amps. Great for boosting or bite. Blend Hi and Lo
*Brilliant volume knob clean up and dynamics
*No telltale fuzz "Hiss" when stacked with OD or into a dirty amp.
*Battery or standard Θ 9V / Daisy chainable.

The perfect compliment to any amp that works for
many styles.

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