ptd überbone ge option/catalinbread montavillian/quinnamp church mouse

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    demo clip with a few of my toys. guitar was a soloway gosling with skyway trem and jason lollar mini pickups. i use my fingers to play rather than a pick. pedal and amp settings are in picture.

    ptd überbone ge option

    2 minibones in one pedal. mine has germanium option on right side. left side is silicon. lotsa ptd minibone clips showing the wacked out bone fuzz. wanted to feature the low gain setting on the germanium option.

    the ambient background guitars were through the left side of the ptd with bone fuzz setting.

    the lead guitar at 1:14 is through the right side ge option set for low gain. first section is neck pickup. next section is bridge pickup and last section is both pickups.

    rhythm guitar was not through the ptd.

    catalinbread montavillian

    all guitars are through the catalinbread montavillian delay with settings as pictured.

    quinnamp church mouse

    all guitars are through quinnamp church mouse with settings as pictured.

    recording chain

    cascade fathead II ribbon mic into apogee duet into logic pro 9.

    various uad, guitar rig, and logic fx plugins were used for ambience.



  2. ptdesign

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    what, what Rick?

    great soundtrack piece man. DEEP!

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