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Pure 64 1x12 Ported Cab Question


Gold Supporting Member
I have a Pure 64 1x 12 Ported Cab with the big rubber feet. I tried tilting it back against the wall to have the sound come directly up to me, the tone losses lots of bass and its like the treble was turned way up and the lower bass notes on the 5th and 6th strings sound buzzy.

When I put the Cab back on all four feet directly on the floor the Buzz seems to go away and the balance is like it should be.

Is this common or could there be a problem with the speaker?



I have 2 of them and have never experienced what you are speaking of. I regularly put mine up off the floor and do not have those symptoms. I however have not tilted mine back, but I can not imagine that doing something like that. I will try tilting mine back later.


Silver Supporting Member
I also have a Pure Sixty Four 1x12 Ported Cab, never experienced any tone loss at all.
I have had the Pure Sixty Four 1x12 cab on the bottom of my various flight cases, on Auralex Gramma's on top of the Anvil type flight cases.
I had Marks different Series I speaker first, then upgraded to his new Series II speaker that I like alot.
The other Series I speaker now resides in my Carr Rambler and it sounds absolutely incredible!
Give Mark a call, he's the Man who knows TONE...Good Luck.


Is your speaker screwed in tight? Maybe the edge is decoupling from the baffle a little when you angle it, causing the loss and buzzing.

.....something is not right


Tone is Paramount
Gold Supporting Member
It's tilting the speaker back that is causing the sonic change of sound...When the cabinet is on the floor, there is a bass coupling effect that increases bass reponse...When you tilt the cab back, you lose all that because the cabinet's not flat on the floor anymore. The high end you're hearing is because the speaker is now aimed at your ear instead of your pants....


ever press the headstock of a guitar against a wall while you play it?
the wall amplifies the guitar, especially when it's between the studs


Senior Member
1) what amp/guitar are you using with cab when it buzzes?
2) does it go away when you change guitar or head?


Gold Supporting Member
Funny thing is, I found some pressure points along the outside of the speaker. I pumped a constant tone thru the cab from a keyboard and along the outside of the speaker cone at places, with just the light touch of my finger, the Vibration goes away. I had my wife play the guitar as I poked around and had the same outcome.

I talked with Mark...He thinks it might be the gasket...I re-tightened the screws to the speaker, but I'm still getting the vibration. I might try replacing the gasket material next week.

Even when I tilt it back in open air, not against anything, it still vibrates.

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