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Pure Multi Fx unit, No modelling


Hey guys, I'm looking for something to simplify up my pedal board, as I'm tired of toe tapping and tap dancing to get through my songs. Typically I don't use MANY effects, really just looking for Modulation, Delay, Different flavors of reverb, tremolo/univibe stuff. Really don't need anything that models an amp as I love my amp, I just want to be able to set up presets and slap em on when I'm ready to switch multiple effects at once.

So to reiterate, I want something simple to use to set up multiple presets, nothing weighed down by cab sims or amp modeling. I was looking at the Plethora X5 but that doesnt seem to be out yet, and weighing my options on the used market.

I dont mind if it has amp modeling that is able to be completely switched off and not have to remove it every time I try to make a preset.


Line 6 HXFX would probably work well for you.
However, just because something has amp modeling doesn't mean you have to use it. I'm using a HX Stomp just for effects into my real amps, because I just liked it better than the HXFX.


Line 6 HX Effects
Fractal FX8
Line 6 M9/M13 are still solid options
Strymon Mobius, BigSky, and Timeline/Volante

Also, all the popular modelers I can think of can switch off amp and cab modeling.


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Id say HX Stomp....

But depending on what your after and what you use more or less I recommend the 500 series and 200 Series from Boss. Each one individually doesnt offer all the HX Stomp or the GT1000 offers but they do offer the same NexGen sonic quality in more compact forms and easier to use and more rig friendly IMO and IME.

Especially if your like me that doesnt use stuff or expect to use the cab sims, or mics emulations or angles etc etc...Im just here to plug in and play sort of dude you know like a normal guy.

I tried both Line 6 and Boss offerings and while the Boss doesnt offer an all in one NexGen like Line 6 short of the GT1000 the 200 and 500 share the same tech essentially and just use their huge processing power and combination of analog in some cases in all their 200 and 500s to just do mods for example with the MD200 or MD500 or just reverbs with the RV500.

Trying these out I felt they were more friendly to use. Dialed in as good or better than their analog counterparts much easier than with the Helix Stomp I feel. Easy to dial into unity gain and "behaves" more like a real pedal in its bypass and on mode. Something I found tricky to do with the HX stomp.

There is the MD200 the MD500. The DD500 and D200. The OD200 hybrid/digital using the nexGen stuff to get you exact replicas of vintage pedals from Fuzz Face to TS to DS1 and OD1..........to Klon.....at the flick of a switch.

Depending on what your after you may want a MD200 vs MD500 for certain things. Same goes for the DD200 and DD500. RV500 you only have the 500 series so thats all you get

I would also advice at gettin something like a Terraforming or Mobius in this and then supplementing that with their counterparts to BOSS DD and RV series. Source Audio makes something too no?

The Helix is good and it sounds good and if thats all your using get one and while it will play nice with other pedals and sounds great.....Something about the way its in Bypass and it affects your tone Id say and something about how hard IMO it is to dial into unity gain with the rest of your real gear like pedals and amps that I just didnt like personally. Maybe its a learning curve IDK.

I really tried my best and came close but even then it was a struggle and didnt get exact unity gain with the rest of the real gear. For me that was a deal breaker.

Whenever I turned on the Helix id either get more output or less and I tried to dial it in right and even in "bypass" mode it would mess with the output whether effect was "off" or it was in or out of chain.

For all that money. It should have been more like the 4 series in this regard and behave and act like a real pedal.

The BOSS ones I just appreciate more because surprisingly they match the Line 6 sonically and are friendlier and easier to use with the rest of the gear especially the 200. It would mean more stuff on your board than the HX Stomp and a bit more cash depending on which route you go and wich options you choose but I personally feel the BOSS 200 and 500 series are to be really taken into consideration here.

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