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Putting a vintage screw-mount trem on a body made for top-mount Floyd?


I'm toying with this idea.

It's a mahogany Strat body made for a top-mount, non-recessed Floyd. The outer-most holes for the vintage trem would sit about 4 mm from the edges of the Floyd studs.

I was thinking of giving it a try, and if I don't like it, I just put the Floyd back on and it'll cover the holes.

Anything to watch out for? I know I'll probably need to address the neck angle with some shims.

(And this is a 7-string guitar, so there are no Schaller/G&L trems that will retrofit over the studs, and the point is to see if I like the vintage mount as opposed to the two-point type. I don't mind that it's a locking bridge).


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