Q1 2009 GAS resolution.....who fell off the wagon?


Well, its almost the end of March (Q1) and I've stuck to my resolution.......No new gear purchases so far this year. The economy pretty much sealed the deal for me on new gear. Anyway, just wondering who else made this sort of resolution for this year? And for those of you who did, who fell off the wagon and what did you buy???


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My resolution was not to spend any new money on gear, I had to sell first. And I've managed to do that. But now I'm even, and need to consider selling/trading for the next piece.


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I have failed miserably. I swore I would sell some stuff before I bought again and listed a guitar (Gretsch Doublejet) and amp (Princeton 65) here but couldn't find a buyer. Then a beautiful Talyor 655 showed up and I faltered. I am a hopeless GAS'er.


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I have bought one pedal. But I've been given a bunch of stuff just lately... really GREAT stuff, so I'm stil stoked...

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Haha !!

No guitar gear purchases for me, but new snow skis for the wifelet and myself, and a new sea kayak today. Wifelet has gone on a mission to bring home as I type.
We could "stimulate" a whole country with our toy gas.
Now I jsut need to sell a Rectifier to pay for it.

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I spend $1400 when I only had $1200 and I made a similar promise to myself not to spend more than what is in the paypal account. Oh well, now I have to sell an amp after it gets out of the shop. But what I got was well worth it. I hope, it gets here Thursday. I think it was a great price and that is why I jumped on it about three hours after it was listed.

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Doing OK sticking to the one in, one out policy. Domestic tranquility is job #1. The shape of the economy and long term business outlook had me backing away from any purchasing. Trading gear is a different story. Besides, I was very happy with the three guitars I had, 2 single coil Andersons and a PRS Johnny Hiland. Then I saw an Anderson with minihums for sale here. Sold the Hiland, bought the PRS. One in one out policy.
Did the same with a SFDR trading for a Maz Sr 38. But the Maz didn't do it anything special that my LSS didn' do, so it left the building.Now I know I have room for an amp and look here everyday.

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