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QOTSA content Is this worth buying


1) lyle were one of a number of brands made in the matsumoku factory - I know aria were made there & I think univox.
2) its pretty cool looking - the pickups are generally pretty weak. If I were to get that, i'd metally think i'd be getting new pickups pretty soon.
3) there is no proof about the QOTSA claims. I think he's expecting a premium from that but its a hell of a lot cheaper than a Gibson trini, tho...
4) someone with 53 auctions & 94% positive feedback is super low. seems to mostly sell cymbals. i'd find out where they are other than generically California- they have no location info.



It's on sale from Josh's label, Rekords Rekords.
It's the real deal.
As to whether the purchase would be worth it? That's up to the buyer to decide.

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