QSC Touch Mix - Ipod connection issue


I need to play some music for a party on the weekend and also have some inputs for a few musicians. I am bringing along my TouchMix and pair of K12's. Anyway, I just tried hooking up the Ipod to the channel 17/18 stereo input but I am only getting sound from one speaker. I am using a 1/4" TRS balanced cable which is plugged into the TM 17/18 channel and the other end has a 1/8" TRS adapter on it which is connected to the Ipod. I had assumed that my TRS connectors would allow me to pan but you can clearly only see signal going to the right channel. The odd thing is that when you click on the channel to go into the eq, fx etc. options, there's a control called "width" which looks like a pan feature. With the knob turned all the way to the right then the right speaker is only working. All the way to the left and both speakers work. I could just live with this but I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I also want a true stereo mix, not a mono set up.

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