Quality Gain at Low Volume - Plexi, JCM 800 or TW Voiced


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Primarily for studio use, I'm looking for an amp head with these qualifications-

1) Can create quality, higher gain at low volume. This would mean articulate, capable of being dynamic and dimensional in it's ability to provide musical (at least Plexi-level) gain.
2) Must be designed to work well with a variety of pedals
3) Voicing - I tend to like brighter and jangly but don't want to sacrifice low end. I tend to gravitate to Marshall 1968 Plexi, JCM 800, Vox AC30 and Trainwreck gainscapes. Hot rodded-varieties of any of these would be a plus. Is this range too undefined? Any ideas will help.
4) Effects loop is a plus but not essential.
5) Two channels would be a plus but not essential.

Value is good as I believe an excellent amp like this should be available at $2,500 or less. True?


I can only recommend what I've used....and I have a Badger 30 that meets all of those criteria (single channel), They have an 18watt version as well. Sounds great at low to high volumes and you can gain it up more with a good quality pedal (Suhr Riot from what I hear is fantastic). Actually after re-reading your post, I wouldn't describe the 30 as bright or jangly...but I think the 18 version may be better at that.


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I have a Suhr Badger 18 and a Twister Dust Devil. Either would meet your requirements, IMO.

Both are very usable at low volumes. The Badger comes with a great effects loop. Jade can add one to the DD for a reasonable upcharge.

The DD is a steal at $999 and Jade is currently running a 10% off sale: Click


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A 65 Soho or London with master volume or voltage should be worth a look. Very dynamic, harmonic and good bass response even at low volume.


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Komet 18.
Fargen Mini-Plex MkII
Fryette Deliverance 60.

All are one channel, and I think the only one available with a loop is the Fargen. I own a D60 and it can go from glass to full tilt hot-rod gain with the twist of the guitar's volume knob. It also has a great master and can be used very well at lower volumes. I played the K18 and was blown away, awesome little monster.


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