Query Fulltone GT500 and Xotic BB Preamp


hi, i just want to ask something between the Fulltone GT500 and Xotic BB Preamp.

ive been a bb user but i am intrigue by the gt500, although i only heard it through youtube. i never had the chance to play with it.

i couldnt even compare the 2 peds for they might have different characters. hmm, hows the gt500??

any opinion on the gt500 is appreciated. many thanks. blessings!

*my style of music really revolves on blues/jazz to rock. so i thought this might be useful for adding some grit.



I don't know anything about the BB.

But the 500 is my go-to pedal for solo tones. I use the Fulldrive for rhythm and switch over to the 500 for leads.

A lot of folks pass on the 500 because it doesn't sound all that good at low levels in the store or in their house when they first try it. It sounds much better when you play it at stage levels. The controls must be experimented with to find just the right sweet spot(s). It is not a metal-pedal and in my opinion the bottom is too loose for rhythm chunking. It's definitely a lead-guitar pedal.

It has two units in one, an almost-clean booster and the distortion side. And you can switch them both on at the same time, and even decide the order, i.e. which one comes first. The booster side doesn't do anything for me by itself, but I run it into the distortion side. You can get miles of useful gain this way, no compressor needed.

The 500 does not use op amps and diode clipping, instead it uses many stages of FETs which react a lot like tubes.


I never owned a BB.
I got a Gt500 and I love it.
This pedal gives it's best at gig volume.. it rocks so much! People tend to dislike it because of it's hard EQ (it's NOT a plug and play pedal), you can get soft drive to hard rock distortion, not fuzz or scooped metal tone. The mid knob it's where the magic happens.. it's not a normal Mid knob but it is a real WAH INDUCTOR!
Also this pedal has a LOT of low end (but I' Don't know if it's because of my Mesa amp), so i run it at 12v (not 18v but you should try it)
2 indipendent sides, one clean boost/soft od, one distortion and you can choose the order!
So underrated. Really good for leads.

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