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Discussion in 'The Small Company Luthiers' started by djbrough, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Apr 19, 2007
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    Last night I had the opportunity to play about 7 different guitars. There were a few 335 dot necks, a couple of 335 VOS's, One nice jazz burst 335 with trapezoid inlays, and 1 Heritage H-535. I couldn't really bond with any of the Gibsons (didn't like the necks; all slim), but that freaking 535 spoke. Fit and finish was superb. It was my first time playing one, and I've got to say that I'm impressed.

    I think that Heritage actually improved a bullet-proof design by incorporating a few small details; i.e. placing the output jack on the rim and not the top. Also, the 535 felt a little more slim than the 335, but the tone was still airy and woody. I think that a 535 with a custom fat neck is in my future. Great job by the guys up there.

    PS. this may be in the wrong forum. My bad.....
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    Guitars in general would be the better forum section... If you are prepared to consider a used 335, then the early-mid 80's 'dot' models are worth checking out for a bigger neck profile.

    I have an '84 CS 335 and the neck profile is similar to a high-end LP replica I own.... IMO, though, the frets of that period were too low and many owners have Dunlop 6105, (or similar) installed. Those early 80's 335's from the Custom Shop had Tim Shaw pickups as well.
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    If you want a big neck 335, you really should try the "Dot Fat Neck" model from the Memphis custom shop.

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