Question about buzz on a guitar


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I need to talk to the place I bought it, but hopefully one of you can help me troubleshoot beforehand.

I just got a new Reverend Club King. The A string has a loud, clanky buzz that is audible through the amp. I have tried a string change, adjusting the bridge, etc., but it's still there. As a matter of fact, with the action adjusted about as high as it can do, it still clanks and buzzes.

It is a bad nut slot?


perhaps it is a microphonic spring in the trem

I dont know...I heard that somewhere though


Nut not cut at the right angle could be one reason, not enough relief in the fingerboard or nut slot cut too low over first fret. Check to see if the string is contacting the front edge of the nut slot ( fingerboard side ). May help to use something like a toothpick to press against the string in the slot to see if the buzzing goes away. If it does the slot needs to be cut at better angle to alow contact on the front edge.

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