Question about impedance/load


Please help me understand this...

I have a Divided by 13 FTR-37, which you can switch to half power. The amp has two 4 ohm outputs, two 8 ohm outputs and one 16 ohm output.

In full power mode the amp is 16 ohms and I use the two 8 ohm outputs to plug into two 8 ohms speakers (in the /13 cab)

In half power mode the amp is 8 ohms and I use the two 4 ohm outputs to plug into the same two 8 ohm speakers - as Fred's instructions.

Does this mean that in half power mode I'm still plugging the amp into a 16 ohm load? If this is the case can I use a 16 ohm attenuator when the amp is in half power mode?


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That sounds wrong to me. Two 8 ohm taps are for ONE 8 ohm speaker or TWO 16 ohms. It's a little confusing, but that's how most amps work.


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If your amp has a full/half power switch that does not affect impedance. If you were to run an 8 ohm out from your amp to a 16 ohm cab you would kind of be running half power. Is that what you are refering to? If you need to run 2 8 ohm loads then you should connect them to the 2 4 ohm outs that will give you a proper match. Some amps are more sensitive to mismatches than others. You should consult your manual.

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