Question about two delay pedals

When I have money (might be a little while off) I want to get a delay pedal. At the moment I'm very set on the Boss DD-20 but I'm also mildly intrigued by the Line 6 DL4 pedal.

Can I get some opinions on both of these from people who have tried one or both? Thanks.



Line6 DL4 is a good sounding delay but I always hated it. Never stayed in time and the foot switches are horrible.

I'd check out the Line 6 Echo Park. One of my favorite delays in a much smaller outfit.

Never owned the DD20 but have used it and it's great on dialing in accurate tempos for delay. Has a good set of delay features that will cover your needs. I'm just not a fan of huge delay pedals...

If it was me I'd buy a DD7orDD5 and Echo Park. Buy two for the price of one :)

Good luck on your choice.
I dont own either, but i have played them both. The dl-4 sounds good, but the delays are very quiet. The dd-20 is awesome. It has tons of options, and is super easy to use. Plus it's boss, so you dont have to worry about the footswitches crapping out on you. Honestly, I suggest looking at the Flashback X4. Its in the same price range as both of the delays you are looking at, but it my opinion it sounds better than the dd-20, you can have delay active while using the looper, and its got four tone print slots. thats the one im gonna get anyway


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i've tried both...i prefer the dd20 over the dl4. there's a noticeable vol drop and tone loss from the dl4.

look into the flashback x4!!!


If you're considering the DL-4 & don't need a looper, you might also look into the Line 6 M5- it has all the DL4's delays, plus many solid reverbs, good tremolo, decent phase/flange sounds & a bunch of the weird stuff- all in a smaller footprint than the DL4.

Also allows you to set up 24 user presets (delay or otherwise) rather than just 3-4.

They go for ~$130 fairly regularly on ebay, and mine has kicked my Nova Delay off the board due to lower white noise (in my setup), more delay variety, and the ability to get weird on occasion if needed.


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If I were to get a digital delay, the DD-20 would be at the very top of my list. Plenty of options, easy to use, and they sound great.

They can make some crazy cool oscillation noises too.

This is a song by House of Heroes, the guitarist (also the singer) uses a DD-20

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