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Ordering a wiring kit for the Squier Bullet tele I have. I have found kits that include everything. I have also found prewired kits but its almost double the amount of the buying a kit not prewired.

Is it worth it to spend that much or should I just learn how to solder? I do not have any soldering iron or solder, etc.

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It depends if you think you'll do much more soldering in the future. You don't need any sort of expensive equipment for soldering guitar electronics, but you still need a couple things. If you're deciding which is the less expensive option you'd want to factor that extra cost in, unless you think you'll use the equipment a lot more in the future.

Personally I find pre-soldered kits way too expensive. I prefer to buy all my parts separately and do everything myself.


You're going to have to do some soldering either way. I'd rather buy all the parts I need, solder everything myself, and save some money.
The only way to avoid soldering altogether - afaik - is with either an Obsidian kit (very expensive for what it is imho) or to use EMGs.


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I've seen some prewired kits that are fairly priced but for the most part buying the parts and assembling them is by far the cheapest route. However, if it's a "one and done" deal and you won't be needing any more assemblies, changing pickups or doing much else requiring a soldering iron then you'd be better off cost wise to just buy the assembly and pay a tech to install it. A decent iron and solder would run $20 to $30.

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Echo the advice above to get a decent little soldering toolkit and learn how to do it yourself (I tend to re-wire all my guitars and this would’ve cost me £100s over the years if I’d used a tech, not to mention having the facility to be able to repair anything if/when needed).

However I do appreciate how it could be fiddly and frustrating for some, so if you don’t feel confident, value your time and fingertips (recommend lavender oil for soldering iron burns!), don’t want to pay a fortune into the swear jar and it’s a one-off job, then it may be quicker and easiest all round to get a tech to do it.

Personally, I like the satisfaction and knowledge that the job has been done to your own standards - I know how everything has been wired in my guitars and took the opportunity to shield and neaten the insides of each one.

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