Question for cabinet/amp builders


You are limited only by your imagination. If you can make it stick to wood (and it will tolerate a bit of heat) you can use it.
Faux fur anyone? (it's been done)

The big plus for plain ol' tolex is its relative ruggedness when compared to other upholstery products. The naugahyde won't like being thrown in the back of the van with the PA cabs.


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I've used naugahyde to recover an amp. Worked fine, looks cool, not as tough as tolex, but then tolex isn't as pretty, eh?

The only thing to consider is that if you use rubber cement to affix the naugahyde, it will absorb it and swell for a while before it dries back down to size. So cut your pieces to shape, slap the rubber cement on the cab and the naugahyde, watch the naugahyde magically expand before your eyes as you say "Holy ****, what have I done?," calm down as it shrinks back to size, then you get one chance to affix the cover properly or you're SOL. No sweat.


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I plan on using the water-based contact cement. I think it's neoprene. It supposedly doesn't make the vinyl shrink or stretch.

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