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Question for JVM owners


I'm looking to pick up a Marshall head and brought home a JVM410H home to demo. (with 3 guitars; humbuckers, mini-hums and P-90s through a Marshall 1960TV cab) Great amp I feel but the OD2 channel to me seems almost unusable, so much gain all I hear is fizz. Seems senseless to me to pay for all that amp and not use all of it...

My question, is there another Marshall I should be looking at which will give me all the sounds of the Crunch and OD1 channels? Those are the 2 channels I LOVE. Should I look at a TSL, DSL, VM, etc.......

I don't care if the tones are harder to dial in (though the JVM is pretty easy...), I just wonder if they exist in another amp. Hope that makes sense! Thanks.


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I have the gain on my OD1 at 9:30 o'clock and my OD2 at 10 o'clock. No need to crank the gain. Works for me!



How about the new JVM2?

Not many Marshalls in stock form will get you the gain of OD1 and OD2. The JCM2000 series, was the probably the next closest. I prefer the JVMs though...

I was on the market for a new Hi Gain head but didn't want to get too Hi Fi and modern, plus i wanted to stick to a Marshall tone. I picked up a Cameron 2204 and it smokes! Has a ton of gain but in a good way. It was just perfect for me and it can nail the tones of the JVM but way better for me.

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How do Marshall purists feel about the TopHat Emplexador II.

Left to right it has a hi and lo input, a channel selector knob for classic or overdrive channel. Followed by Master Volume then a normal/fat toggle & a normal/boost toggle. Gain before the tone stacks and on the right a presence knob.
For me without direct Marshall playing experience only a lot of listening this amp is the most versitile Marshall type amp I've heard, stopping only short of Metal sounds.

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Why not try the "C83" mod on the JVM410 and see if that cuts down on the gain/buzz? Simply unsolder and lift one leg of the C83 capacitor - couldn't be easier.

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