Question for those with a tuner on their board.


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Mute and accuracy. I'm spoiled by the turbo tuner.

Clip ons are ok for acoustics and open mics. But if there is a bass player around you're screwed.


All my band and I have been using for the last couple years are snark clip ons! Never forget it because I keep it in my gig bag with cords, picks, strings and ear plugs. I don't leave it on my guitar well playing songs. My band mates are not dicks that play in between songs at gigs so never a problem tuning then. If my guitar goes out of tune well playing mid song I am going to notice it and adjust on the fly using my ear and not use a tuner anyways. If I need to mute things I use the volume control on my guitar and don't change my guitar unless we are playing in a different tuning which is always in different set. I personally have no drawback to using them! Other people should use whatever works best for them.


I just got back from rehearsal in which I used a clip-on that I just bought. While I was excited to minimize my floor setup, every time I tried to tune, my bassist would be playing something and messing up my tuner readings. Back to pedal tuners for rehearsals and gigs for me. The clip-on will be my primary for home use though.
A mute function isn't necessary for me as I have one of those silent plugs. Other than that, I'm usually using my volume knob to mute.


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Clip on tuners respond to vibrations, so in a very loud environment they tend to pick up everything from drums being beat to house music that's playing before or between sets.

i use a clip on for quiet gigs (where I usually don't have my pedal board anyway), and have a pedal for noisier ones. Since you're playing at home a clip on is sufficient. I've found the Snark SN-8 clip on to be very reliable and very accurate.

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1. It looks like crap. Leaving it clipped on at a gig is to me the aesthetic equivalent of wearing socks with sandals.

2. Leaving them on can damage your finish and may leave scratches or impressions...

3. I like the speed and accuracy of my Turbo Tuner.

I will use a clip-on around the house though. :D
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I haven't found clip-ons to be accurate. My Turbo Tuner always is on, and I've gotten used to that.


For me it's just that I always know that it will be there is the biggest thing. Also it's handy that it mutes your signal. It doesn't take anything real fancy, I got the Korg pitch black and I have never felt a need to get anything more expensive.
This...for me also.
For me, a tuner pedal is the most important pedal. IMHO playing in time and in tune, is by far on top of the priority list for sounding good.


I dont get it with those folks commenting that clip-on tuners are not reliable on stage.I play in our Church and even how loud my drummer is , my Snark Tuner can still pick up the vibrations from my strings.... this is the same with my Bassist using a Korg ClipOn Tune4...



I don't gig, and am really just a couch hack. I've never owned a tuner pedal before and in recent years I've come to love my clip on tuners. I'm wondering why so many people still have a tuner on their pedal board? Are clip ons not reliable in a gig setting? I'm just curious because it seems like people are always removing something they love from their board but the tuner is always there. Thanks!
1. I don't trust clipons in a noisy/live environment - the Snark I currently have seems ok, but the Joyo and Monoprice ones I previous had were useless live
2. I like having a mute on my pedal board for a variety of reasons - tuning being the biggest - when I see someone tuning with a clip-on or by ear and they aren't muted at a show as a fan it drives me bananas.
3. My tuner also powers my other pedals.


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the pitchblack stays on my board even though I bring a snark just in case.

same thing others have said. I don't like how it looks on my headstock. I like having a mute option. if everyone else is playing and its loud the snark picks up the vibrations. pitchblack is more accurate.

i love the snark for around the house though.

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The pedal I use to tune onstage happens to not be a dedicated tuner. It's a Pitchfactor. So I am using for other things anyway.

Even if I had a dedicated tuner, I wouldn't run out and buy something else just because.

Also, one of the two guitars I take to gigs is headless.

For backup, there is a boss tuner in my gig bag that I use at home. My phone also has the Peterson app if all else fails.


It depends how your board is set up, if you have it in a linear chain then yes, the Tuner acts as a mute switch. I have mine on the tuner out on looper so mine doesn't do that, it is actually just constantly on.

Clip on v pedal


You pedal board ... it's beautiful.


i bought 4 Snarks in 2011. they were all dead as of a year ago. Pitchblack still works.


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I change guitars A LOT on stage (around 12 times) so having the tuner to mute my signal is a must have.

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