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Question for you guys about swapping pedals too much

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by schecterc1lh, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. schecterc1lh

    schecterc1lh Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    Any of you ever feel like you never quite find the pedals that fit you perfect and just keep swapping pedals to try and find it? Well thats me for sure, and recently a guitar player that i enjoy quite a bit said something to the effect of "how can you tell if a pedal is for you if you are constantly swapping and dont give yourself time to figure it out and really understand it. I see people all of the time asking me about how to get the perfect sound and my best advice is to stick with the pedals you have a really get to know those before swapping for others" That got me thinking, and i have decided to not change my board for a YEAR, so i can really get used to the pedals i have right now, and stop chasing tone and wasting money. Right now i am pretty happy with my board, and i think this is a good idea for me!

    My board as of now goes: Ernie Ball VP Jr, Korg pitchblack, timmy, mxr modified od, cusack tap-a-whirl, carbon copy, timeline. (also have an rv-5,but not sure if i need it or not)

    I have checked and i can fit all of this on a pt-jr (minus the RV-5) so i think i am going to go for it!

    Anyone else ever done this or are wanting to do it?
  2. jordiesaenz

    jordiesaenz Member

    Oct 2, 2011
    Yeah I want to do that too! Once I get this one pedal...

    I think I've said this before...
  3. FenderBigot

    FenderBigot Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    Tampa Bay
    I am almost there... I have two ODs/distortion pedals inbound (one new and one modded) and I am swapping another out (bringing back one I liked alot). I plan to pick three of the six and stick with them for a while. It'll be three OD pedals (most likely my TBIAC, FN5 and Amp11) and one OD as a boost (Timmy or Keeley BD2)... I've got some good ones in here too, but I also just changed amps again too... which is another issue.

    In the end, I think part of me will never settle, it's fun to swap and try and move on to the next best thing... right? LOL
  4. Lolaviola

    Lolaviola Supporting Member

    Oct 13, 2005
    Eastern Standard Time
    Cool. Hey I have some pedals I might wanna swap.
  5. josh_w

    josh_w Member

    Nov 3, 2008
    Sparks, NV
    I'll confess, I'm a pedal swapper. That being said, one of the things I realized a few years back was that I kept swapping pedals when the issue was actually my amp and guitar. Now that I have a couple of guitars that I love, and my dream amp, I really don't swap pedals that much.

    I'll also add that I'm one of those guys that will play with a pedal for 5 min, and if I don't love it, it's back on the emporium the next day (obviously this doesn't apply to some of the more complex delay and modulation pedals, I'll spend more time with those).
  6. ahcleinad

    ahcleinad Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    I think I might try that in couple of weeks, after I do couple more pedal trading.

    I think I often switch pedals just because I get bored of the ones on my board. I did this with amps awhile back, but kind of settled down with that.
  7. AXXA

    AXXA Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2011
    Atlanta, GA
    I keep most pedals I get, and occasionally sell or trade a couple. But I always keep any given pedal for at least a few months. I find this pays off because some pedals react very differently with certain guitars and amps, or even in combination with other pedals. Changing settings on any part of the setup can change the pedals performance in a big way sometimes. But perhaps most importantly, sometimes it takes me a long time to find the right use for a given pedal, and my tastes change with time.

    That said, I have traded some pedals that I kept for several months, and ended up missing them down the road.... I should have just kept all of them!
  8. 10strings

    10strings Member

    Dec 19, 2009
    I only have one more to get then I am DONE!!!
  9. teleclem

    teleclem Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    Well, some pedals just genuinely don't do it for me. No sense forcing myself to use something like that. Since I rarely get to try before I buy (no stores here in the country really), it's always a gamble.
  10. snouter

    snouter Member

    Sep 16, 2006
    That almost sounds like relationship advice. ;) I agree that love is not always at first sight, but if it it takes a lot of work and adjustment, it probably was not meant to be.

    I just got a Robotalk RI after returning a Maxon AF-9. In less than 15 minutes I knew the Maxon was not quite what I was after. In 5 seconds I knew the Robotalk RI was a keeper.
  11. Geosh

    Geosh Supporting Member

    Sep 8, 2008
    Gilbert, AZ
    I keep saying that too (12 pedals later) :p I find that saying "I only have to buy one more" instead of being specific and saying for example "I am only going to buy the new WET reverb" is the mark of GAS. It leaves you open to keep buying "just one more".
  12. 52ftbuddha

    52ftbuddha Member

    Jun 24, 2006
    No I dont really expect any kind of fit with a pedal. Its a tool that allows me access to different sounds, sometimes good sometimes not. In many cases it is a launch pad for a new composition or idea. I will gladly pay $200 for a song, its a cheap investment. That said I usually only get rid of them if they have exhausted their potential or they turn out to be too similar to something else.

  13. Ides of March

    Ides of March Member

    Mar 16, 2008
    Bensalem Pa
    I'm done with swapping pedals, I used to, spent alot of money and nothing to show for it really. I am now using my DR channels for my od and distortion. I keep one Ecstasy pedal on my board for a real low gain sound. Any other pedals are chorus, delay, eq, tuner, wah.
  14. Zen_Guitar

    Zen_Guitar Silver Supporting Member

    Apr 24, 2003
    swapper....I have made decisions to get rid of pedals within mins of trying them out...some of which I HAD to have, and had searched high and low for. I am pretty thoughtful about what I pay for gear, knowing this weakness, so I have only rarely been burned.

    so....I made a good deal on an Xotic BB. have had one before (imagine that) and a Plus+ too. wonder why I went back to it....?

    I played it straight away after rec'n it, through an amp I like and cab I like too. guitar I was using isn't speaking to me of late (imagine that)....and the BB sounded like crap. HMMMMM...

    for some strange reason I hooked that chain up to another amp...and OMG. I was playing without reverb (as I have gone through about 4 reverb pedals in 6 mos)....but the combination sounded full, harmonic, rich...almost like reverb was in the mix.....but t'was not.

    suffice it to say it was a brief ah ha moment for me. I decided to keep the BB (for now) and figure out what it works with and what to avoid.

    don't know if any of the rest of you experience this, but I have mixed feelings about my sound, during gigs.....

    I think it speaks to an inner state and the dynamic interdependence of that with sound, environment, the playing of others....etc.

    perhaps that is why we started playing in the first place. when it is right it is so right...and when it ain't we want to find the way to make it so...???
  15. kstrat62

    kstrat62 Supporting Member

    Jun 14, 2005
    Wildwood MO
    I change pedals like changing underwear!
  16. dascher

    dascher Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    I started with a TS9, got a second one (Landgraff DO Clone), traded the LDO, traded a 10th Ann FD2, and now I have the OCD. Not too many swaps but I've only gotten into pedals since October. OCD is gonna be traded next, but not too soon. I think I'm gonna the Lunar Module next. Seems like a good intro to Fuzz
  17. rwijaya

    rwijaya Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2006
    i only change the pedals when the one im using become faulty. I noticed i can still sounds like myself no matter what pedals i am using infront of the amp.
  18. codetocontra

    codetocontra Member

    Jan 19, 2010
    Your mother's vagina
    Ive slowed down a lot on my swapping. Starting to find good pedals at my feet that always make me :grin. Ive been through a lot of pedals to get there though.

    I realize that two years ago I started doing some major rehauling trying to be "done" with pedals. However, my choice for my "ultimate solution" didnt pan out (M9). I am much happier with my choices now, which is good as I am growing increasingly worn out on the search, the buying and selling. Pedals have never been a materialistic thing for me, its always been about potential and creating a palette or tool box at my feet.

    I think if you are serious about your sound you are never going to end up being happy with the first few pedals you get. Trying them in your rig in a band context really shows off what things can do, or not do, or get buried in the mix, etc...Definately some trial and error, but that is just the nature of this beast.

    Its sad when you have to remember that sometimes playing guitar is more fun than looking for a new pedal. Weird, right?
  19. mikeb57

    mikeb57 Member

    Aug 13, 2010
    I have had this disease lately. I have been playing for over 40 years and I used to stick with a rig for years and years without changing. I think the internet is a big part of it. Too much access to information! The worst part of it is that sometimes with all this changing I actually make this worse instead of better. I ending up selling something to get something else and then regretting it. I endorse the idea of sticking with the same board for at least a year and I'm gonna do it as soon as i make a couple more changes:)
  20. TheReverendCommon

    TheReverendCommon Member

    May 2, 2011
    In the corner of your Reverb Tank
    I'm doing that as of March this year.

    not going to change anything for the whole year!

    My board is currently in flux, so I'm attempting to put a stop to it.

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