Question from a "Delay" Newb.


Hey, I wanna get a cool affordable (nothing over $250) Delay pedal. I play a 52' Reissue Tele into a Vox ac15ht1v, and play beatles/classic rock stuff. I'm looking for something that could give me a nice "Reverse" delay, a tremelo-type sound, and a spring reverb type sound. I looked into the Boss DD's but I have no clue whether to go for the DD-3, DD-5, DD-6's just way too confusing.

Any suggestions on pedals I should look into??
Thanks a lot


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I have 2 that I'm really happy with: An MXR Carbon Copy and a Keeley AD9.

I use the Carbon Copy in my rock band for a longer, Pink Floyd-style delay for solos. I use the AD9 in my 50's rock n' roll band for slapback delay. Both perform well in those roles. I imagine the Carbon Copy might fit the bill for you and it's a great value at $149 new. I got mine for $100 bucks used.


I just bought the Vox Time Machine and although it has no reverse delay it is a pretty comprehensive unit, also has a tap tempo for quick time changes.


The Hardwire DL-8 will give you that reverse delay mode that you are interested in, but I don't think it can do modulation at the same time.

Another option (if reverse is not required) is the Visual Sound H2O. It is in fact two pedals in one, and you get a very good chorus and an excellent analog voiced digital delay.


EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai would be what you're looking for, fits all your criteria. It has reverb you can add to the repeats.

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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the boss dd's ?

The higher the DD you go, the more functions you get.

DD3 - The most basic delay pedal they produce. If you don't care about matching tempos and having a slew of delay types, this does the job and saves you a bit of money and confusion.

DD5 - Next biggest upgrade that really solved a lot of the problems that avid delay users complained about. External tap tempo to match tempos, dotted eighth setting, stereo out jack, and a reverse delay setting added. This however became discontinued in order for Boss to release the DD20.

DD6 - The follow-up of the DD-5 but designed to be smaller than the DD-20. Added built in tap tempo (with blinking LED to reflect the tempo), Stereo in and out jacks, and a warp setting. Not a bad pedal. But the biggest complaint about this one is that the built-in tap tempo takes 2-3 seconds to engage. To some musicians in the music world, this is forever.

DD7 - Pretty much the DD-5 and DD-6 put together in a box, or a smaller DD-20. It's one of best multifunctional delay pedals in a box that small (you can disagree about tone but in terms of functionality, you really can't beat it for its size). So far no complaints...but it is still a recent release so who knows.


If your having trouble deciding I'd say the Boss DD-20 is a good place to start. It's not fantastic in any area if you ask me. But it's a nice allround pedal. And it's both reliable and pretty versatile.

I ended up selling mine and keeping my DL4 which I like better. On the other hand the DL4 is a lot mor expensive but even better allround if you ask me. The cons is it takes up more space and isn't said to be too reliable some times. Mind you I've never had any problems with mine owning one for almost two years now using it at least an hour per day five days a week.

I've never tried the NOVA delay but I here it's absolutely stunning. Don't get a DD-3 or DD-6 for starters. You'll be dissapointed.

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