question Fryette SIg X V.S. Mesa Dual Rectifier BOTH USING fryette power station


so im using a mini rectifer currently but looking to trade up later this year...... not really sure as the dual rec i hear is so different from the mini and i never have played a fryette yet. BUT i just got a fryette power station V2 and love it. what makes me think i should buy i Fryette is because i love the settings on it -i set up my setup like having the mesa mini rec all the way low as possible volume wise and then boost the the sh** out of the fryette power station....basically its like revoicing the mini rec completely. would the fryette sig x sound anything like what the power station is doing to my mini rectifier current setup?? if it does i should definitely get the sig x....

i read in some old posts about the sig x that it excels with single coils not humbuckers..... im using humbuckers, is this true?


With the dual gain knobs, you can thin out or fatten the tones on the sig as much as you like. I have the deliverance and it works equally well with singles or humbuckers. Totally different smp than the recto, though.


The big iron dual recto has a good master control, but it sounds different than the sigx or the mini recto.

You can't go wrong with either amp. Perhaps the advantage of the dual recto is that it has 3 channels, and you can find it more easily than the sigx.

I am not sure what all is coming next from mesa but I think that a midi, cab clone loaded recto is due.


I believe the Sig:X is going to sound more "polite" than the Recto. The Recto will be more aggressive and "in your face" IMO.


The Dual Recto 3 ch truely plays great at home volumes.

I've owned the Rectoverb 25 and the big Recto is fuller (which IMO you need to watch as it can be overbearing) and more flexible.

The cleans in the little Mesa's are better but the reborn multi watt Recto from 2010 has the same clean. The 3ch Recto still has a decent clean; it's not like a Peavey 5150 clean which was particularly avg to my ears.

The big DR is a touch more scooped compared to the MR/ROV25.

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