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Discussion in 'Builder's & Retailer's Forum' started by Nigel Chapman, May 14, 2015.

  1. Nigel Chapman

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    A question for retailers...

    There's a guitar I've been after for a while that's privately for sale in the US at the moment, but the seller won't ship internationally, and I don't know anyone in the US at present.

    So I'm looking at freight forwarding services, and wondering if it would be reasonable to contact local guitar shops in that area and see if they'd be open to receiving the guitar in-person (so there's less risk for me), and then forwarding the guitar on, with all costs paid upfront and a handling fee, maybe a few hundred dollars, for the hassle. And, unlike a private investigator, they'd know a bit about guitar packing.

    Is that a reasonable proposition, or is the situation with tax, scammers, liability, insurance, CITES, and freight in general, just too risky at any price?

    I'm leaning toward this latter view, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask some people who will actually know.


    (I'm in Sydney in Australia, and have plenty of experience with organizing freight.)
  2. Boundcustom

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    Where is the guitar? I ship worldwide.
    Since this site will be going down for the weekend. Send me an email
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    There IS an issue with scammers this way. When a vendor ships to an address other than the Paypal or Credit card billing address he risks being ripped off because he won't be able to provide proof of receipt at the BILLING address.

    I think some international customers, or freight forwarders, have gotten the message and have the billing address as the freight forwarders address.

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