Question on minor fret repair...


I have a guitar that has a small gap between the frets and the fretboard on the high E string side. Just at the edge by the binding. Sometimes the high E will get caught in there... Whats the best way to repair this? The gap is just wide enough for a .10 gauge string to catch... Do you fill in the gap with something? File it? Tap the fret down? Thanks guys...


Don't tap the fret down ! That is unless the fret is high and you get buss when fretted at the fret lower than it. Otherwise you can either look at it closely with a magnifier and see if the issue can be alleviated by filing with a very small jeweler's file. If not, another way is super glue to fill the gap. But you have to be extremely carefull not to get it all over the finish. you could also try using something thats not so dangerous if you get it on the finish like clear nail polish or such.

That said, it all depends on whats going on there. If the fret tang is protruding past the wood too far it may need to be filed and nothing else is going to work. It's good to have an eye loope for things like this. It's a little cylinder shaped doohickey that fits in your eye socket and has a magnifier that allows to to see VERY close up.
Always trust/choose the shortest most concise response on TGP. Also the one that lacks the term doohickey. Go to a reliable tech.

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