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Question on placement of buffer


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I’m redoing a small pedalboard and I need some opinions on buffer placement. The board is hosting a Line6 G10S wireless receiver, i.e. the connection from the guitar to the board is wireless. Since I’m not running a cable from my guitar to the board, does it make more sense to put my buffer, an Xotic Super Clean, right after the G10S at the beginning of the chain, or should I put it at the end of the board, just before I send the signal to the amp? BTW, the connection from the board to the amp is done by cable.


The wireless system is already doing the same thing as a buffer or buffered bypass pedal does. You can put the buffer wherever you want, but it may not make a noticeable difference whether you use it or not. I'd start without the buffer in the chain at all.


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Like Cap'n Kirk says, you really don't need it up front since your wireless unit is buffering, but it might help you out if you put it at the end of the chain, right before the cable to the amp.

Hugh Manitee

Actually the guy at Ethos (Custom Tones Inc.) told me that multiple buffers in series should theoretically improve S:N

Although I don't go for this intentionally, I've never had a problem with multiple buffers in the same signal path.

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