Question on RP255 buzz when connect to effects pedals

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    Apr 19, 2016
    Hello- I am hoping someone can make sense of this, and a better way to resolve, for when my workarounds can’t be used.

    I plug my effects pedals into my Digitech RP255 (multi-effects box), and listen through headphones a lot. (My pedals don't make any buzzing noises on their own). When listening through the headphone jack with my other effects pedals plugged into the RP255 I can hear a buzzing. This buzz is there even if I plug the pedal chain into a different outlet than the RP255. This doesn't happen with the RP255 alone, it is silent.

    I am guessing to someone knowledgeable these workarounds will pin down what the cause is:


    The buzz will go away if I plug the RP255 into my amp at the same time, as long as the amps power is plugged in.

    The buzz will go away if I plug a 1/8 inch cable from my computer speakers into the aux input on the RP255. This works even if the computer speakers are unplugged from power, as long as it remains connect to my pc through the audio cable. It can be plugged into either the input or headphone output jack on the computer speakers, and the buzz goes away either way.

    The buzz will also go away if I touch one of my pedals (the "stomp" switch part, or near the cable in/outs) with the 1/8 inch cable connected my computer speakers

    The buzz will go away if I touch my finger to one of the effects pedals plugged into the RP255, (on the stomp switch part)... Same if I touch my guitar strings. Yes I know this is common with pedal setups- but again my pedals on their own don't make any noise even if I am not touching the strings... (it does the same with both guitars- a Gibson and a Fender)

    I don't know a lot about audio or electronics, the cause seems something with grounding through the amp or computer speakers or me. I am betting this will make sense to someone knowledgeable and maybe workaround for when I don’t have my amp, and am not near my computer speakers...

    Thanks much!

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