Question on the ZVEX Super Hard On


Dang Twangler
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So I've got one of these, and I love it. It seems to add just the right bite to the mids and highs without really impacting the low end that much. However, after (finally) reading the ZVEX description of this pedal I've got a question.

ZVEX references the difference between the input and output impedence of the effect, and talks about how it's designed to get more out of the pickups in the guitar. This makes me think it absolutely ought to be the first thing in my signal chain. But I've been using it as the last thing before the amp...and it works well for me there.

Obviously I will trial and error it, but I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on ZVEX's claims regarding the impact of the effect on the signal coming from the pickups.

Thanks in advance.

Hugo Da Rosa

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Their claim is accurate. It's designed to bring back the life out of an old set of pickups. Basically making it sound like new again. To achieve this however, you have to (as you mentioned) put it first in your chain. That's not to say that you can't have it last as a volume boost. But if you want to use it for that feature, it needs to be first in your chain.
It depends on how you wanna use it. I use it first in my chain just to give the initial tone that boost and bite that the SHO gives. It stays on all the time for me.....if your using it as a lead/volume boost it needs to be at the end...

zachary vex

If you are using it for very gentle gain (not enough to upset the rest of your effects) you'll find it great at the beginning. It will add a nice sparkle to your tone if you have a high-presence clean amp setting. If you want to use it for more boost, put it last in the chain so it doesn't smash into all of your other effects on the way to the amp. Putting it last for more boost will sweat the tubes in your amp without wrecking your other effects.


Mine's last in my chain and on all the time to bring back the sparkle after a run of all true bypass pedals. I've found it to be an indispensable part of my rig used like this.

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