Questions about stereo, grounding, 2-prong etc.

Primus DuPont

I have a pair of old combos (silvertone 1481's) with 2-prong cables. I have owned them for a couple of years, paying little attention to which direction the cable is plugged into the socket. I have never been shocked thankfully, and want to take the necessary precautions to make them safer (removing "death cap", 3-prong cable, outlet tester). My questions are really about running these amp in stereo. I have read you need to switch the phase of one amp in a stereo rig, which would make the 2-prong convenient. Say I were to run one of these amps in stereo with one another or with an amp with a 3-prong cable? How did musicians setup amps in stereo before 3-prong cables? Any clarification on what I need to do to run these amps in stereo and not electrocute myself or blow anything up would be appreciated, thanks!


Take your volt meter, set it to measure wall voltage, put one end on the chassis of the amp and the other to ground. Now plug into the outlet and see what you get, flip the plug and see what you get.
One way you'll see wall voltage, one way you won't.
No need to even turn the amp on to do this test since the switch only works on one of the two wires.

Still want to dick around with a two pronger ?

Get an ABY with a ground lift and put three prong cords on the amps.

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