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Quick poll; Gibson les Paul classic vs duesenberg 49er

Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Duesenberg 49er

  • Duesenberg 49er

  • Gibson Les Paul Classic

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So I'd appreciate a quick vote, but would also really enjoy hearing your opinion as well on the following choice;

I have the opportunity to buy either a Gibson Les Paul classic or a Duesenberg 49er used.

The 49er is basically dead mint and is for sale for sale in another city. I know the owner so I know it's dead stock and probably mint condition, but I've never played a duesenberg. Going totally off recommendations from friends that they are great. It's $1,500. They are kinda the "it" electric guitar right now.

There is a Les Paul Classic here in town locally for roughly $1,300. It has a few issues, pick guard removed and not included (which I would prefer it had one) and the original tuners were replaced with Grover tuners. I prefer the look of the vintage style. The finish is in good shape. Not mint, but good. I'm not sure what pups are in it but they added the chrome covers which I like. Anyway it has the honey burst and it's that perfect ages burst color. Felt great too.

Reasons I think I would want the LP more are independent volume tone control of pups. I just love that feature for all kinds of reasons. Long term value will always be there on a Gibson. I also enjoy the feel of that shorter scale. I have two fender guitars right now for that snappy single coil sound. I want a humbucker guitar now.

Duesenberg pros are a great price on a $2,600 originally guitar. Plus I know it's dead mint condition. Cons though I really have no experience with one. I do wish it had independent tone and volume controls.

So what would you guys do?

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