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Quilter mini heads vs Bassbreaker 15 as pedal platform heads...


I need a clean or edge of breakup/light distortion head to use with pedals and run through cabs...is the Quilter uninspiring enough to you guys that its worth going with a tube style head for this purpose? Similar feature wise both have reverb and XLR outputs but is sound of glassy tubes worth the convenience of the Quilter as far as size weight and overall reliability?? I have a 5153 50 watt made in the Fender Mexico factory and aside from tubes its been reliable, I was also looking at the DSL 20hr but its appears to breakdown often from some online reviews....opinions?? THx!
Cant play side by side because of circumstances Im going to order one or the other online!


IMO the Quilters are great once you get used to it. They are better than many tube amps out there. You have to get past the tube thing because the Quilter is different than most solid state stuff because of the circuit design. They are one of the most dynamic amps out there.

I still prefer my 100W tube amp, but the Quilter is perfect for a clean amp and as a pedal amp and it personally satisfies me.



Suhr S-Classic, V60LP's, Soft V neck
Gold Supporting Member
I got a Quilter 101 head for use as a backup, right size and easy to have in the kit bag incase the tube amp craps out. I started using it at rehearsal and it sounded good enough to bring to a gig as the main amp, set on Surf for 100 watt power. I would not say that it's a good edge of breakup amp by itself, it's too clean too long, it will just get really loud clean, the newer 202 head I think has a master vol for some breakup, or an OD channel, but I don't need that extra volume and with good OD pedals the clean transforms into the crunch I need. The amp is touch sensitive and will clean up well with an OD pedal in front of it - I use a low OD pedal like a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal (or modern clone of that circuit) for that edge of breakup and it works perfectly - an RC Boost will do the same thing. Then I use another OD for more breakup, Rockett Blue Note, Jetter Red Shift, AC Boost, Timmy - I don't need more OD than you'd need for an Allman Bros song. In the live recordings of our band, It sounds as if I'm playing through a loud clean Fender something, the OD sounds good & natural because the pedals are good. I also got a Quilter 1X12 BlockDock12HD cab - its a neo Celestion 300 watt speaker that is very neutral so you'll get back what you put into it. the cab is 19lbs, the head 2.5lbs - I like that weight advantage on top of it sounding like its supposed to. Quilter is putting out seriously workable class D amps that are musical. They've done their homework.

Al Rose

Platinum Supporting Member
I have a Quilter 101R and my Boogies now sit idle. It sounds great with a Timmy and a Dude in front. That said, it's not quite a tube amp, but as @Jabby92 said, it's close (well, he implied that, but I think it's close) and with pedals works great!



I have a Quilter Tone Block 202 in a BlockDoc 12HD cab but I replaced the Celestion Neo speaker with an Eminence GASC64. I use pedals for my dirt and can go from a Sultans of Swing clean to tweed edge of break up to classic Marshall crunch convincingly.

If I play it side by side with my Bogner Goldfinger, the Bogner is better stand-alone. However, when I get with my band, there's not enough difference to overcome the convenience of weight, XLR DI output and really great tone.