quinn paradox


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hi ya alll!
my buddy Larry trapp did the clip for the new paradox proto but it's stil in it's refined stages but look at YouTube and type in quinnamp paradox and it will be one of the 1st clips that come up. it's a quick no nonsense clip with a lp but I told that fkr next time use both pickups on the clean lol. anyway it kicks ass and wii do clean to mean with all in between. let's all give a shot out to shad for some new "modern" designs with classic tone at modern feel and levels!
this vid is the1st of the amp i believe but call shad for any info

I have no affiliation accept playing his amp night after night!
let me know what u think, keep in mind my bud Larry is a shredder and this amp can do that and sooooo much more


david torn / splattercell
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here's a bitta help --- the clip you're referencing:


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