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Quintessential 80s soundtrack songs with lyrical nods to the movie?


I would point out that films like LABYRINTH and XANADU (and also LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) are musicals, and so have an "unfair advantage". Since the songs are actually written as part of the storyline.

Going back to Queen, their songs for HIGHLANDER seem to qualify....

As for Prince's music for BATMAN--the song "Partyman" which was the music for Joker's assault on the museum, seems to fit, as well.


I read recently that the song "A Girl Like You" by the Smithereens was written for the movie Say Anything, but it was not used because the lyrics were too much of a plot summary.


So, the 80's were, to me, the apex of the movie soundtrack pop song. I mean, when else could you have respectable artists like Tina Turner earnestly singing about going " beyond Thunderdome"? It was like the perfect mixture of pure commercialism and enthusiastic pop naivete.

So, I'm trying to compile a list of these. I'm looking for 80's pop anthems from popular movie soundtracks that make their allegiance to the product clear by explicitly referencing the movie (its title or distinct plot elements) in their title or lyrics.

So, I'm not looking for stuff like "Danger Zone" that, while inextricably linked to a movie, is generic enough, lyrically, to stand apart. Nor, a song like "Pretty in Pink" which lent its name to a movie, but pre-dated and inspired the movie title, rather than vice verse. I'm looking for something like "St. Elmo's Fire" where the singer is belting out lines about the movie without a hint of irony.

So, this is what I've got so far...

"A View To a Kill"
"St. Elmo's Fire"
"Flashdance...What A Feeling"
"We Don't Need Another Hero"
"Goonies R Good Enough"
"The Neverending Story"
"On Our Own"
"Dream Warriors"

What am I missing?
The remake of Breathless (with Richard Gere) started with Jerry Lee Lewis singing Breathless and ended with X's cover of the same song.


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Teacher Teacher - 38 Special
Against All Odds - Phil Collins
All The Right Moves - Jennifer Warnes ...barf. That's a bad one!
Endless Love - Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
At around 4:13 in is the most beautiful steel "synth" guitar solo. I want a honky-tonk band to cover this in the worst way.


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Huh? This was a cover of the original from The Call, that was released a year before the movie. And it has no mention of anything in the song remotely related to vampires.
The Call was a great band.

Oiled up, sax playing bodybuilder less so.

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