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Sold R Weaver FX Violet Vibe 2020

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member
Trying out a few new vibes of late to see if I'm missing anything but my vaunted Sir Henry keeps his spot!

Nothing bad to say about this vibe...Mr. Weaver has created a stunning recreation of the Honey Vibe era '68 and it has tons of throb (way more than I tend to us). Captures the Hendrix stuff easily.

Asking $350 including USPS shipping and PayPal fees. (includes original box/paperwork)

Open to a handful of very specific trade interests;
  • Oxfuzz Oxvibe (bonus if it's serial #12)
  • Big Box Fulltone Deja Vibe ('95/'96, ideally with both Bright/Dark and Heavy/Normal switches)
  • MJM Sixties Vibe CLASSIC
  • Bondi Sick As (Blackout version)



Gold Supporting Member
My Sir Henry and Violet Vibe are different enough for me to keep both. Good Luck with the Sale. Someone is getting an awesome vibe. I will never part with mine.

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