R2, R4, R5, R6, R7, R0...the non-R8/R9 club!

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I do not profess to be an expert on the subject but this is what I know:

The G0 was based on a 1960 Les Paul from their Hollywood GC hence the G0 serial number designation as opposed to the R0 serial number.
  • The R0 has a flamed top and the G0 has a plain top (there are exceptions).
  • The R0 has knob pointers, the G0 does not (exceptions).
  • The R0 has reflector knobs, the G0 has amber knobs (again there are exceptions - 50th anniversary run, etc.).
  • The G0 from 2010 on has the coil splitting feature.
  • There are variations between single ring and double ring tuners.
  • The large majority of G0's came in the iced tea/honeyburst/tak burst finish. Eventually the CS started putting out a variety of finishes for the G0.
  • Serial number designation, R0= 0 ####, G0= G0 ####.
  • The G0 is no longer in production
  • The G0 sold at a substantially lower price point than a R0 - IMHO the best value in a Gibson CS Les Paul.
Thanks a bunch!

Does anyone know if any G0's came with custombuckers?


I'm hoping to find a R4 BB this year that's not going to break the bank. I got my eye on a couple but they don't pop up often.


probably a prototype kit and phone logs to the name sake as case candy?
I heard a rumor that they did make an R2 years ago but extremely limited numbers. And I'm not talking about the tribute's made in 2009 or so. This was either a late 80's or early 90's run. I have one of the tributes and it's a fun guitar.


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I love this thread as well as the R9/R8 threads, so many beautiful guitars there, and the only other one I would like to acquire beyond these is a Suhr Aura which would be a great addition.


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1998 R8:
The maple top really makes this one wider range than the two below. Is fantastic clean into a fendery amp. Sounds great into a plexi, although the pickups are so hot and wide range that I end up using the low/treble input for this one or it slams the amp input so hard that it can be nasty sounding. I should lower the pickups really.

2006 CS ‘57 Les Paul VOS Junior:
This is probably my best sounding guitar. Simple perfection. Great tones at most volume and tone settings.

2006 CS ‘60 Les Paul Special:
Weird name since I don’t think they made this model in ‘60. Not quite as mean as the junior on the bridge pickup, but still great. The middle position on this one is unbelievable. Chimes like there is no tomorrow no matter what amp I plug it into. Probably my most versatile guitar. Sounds great into a clean Fender amp, especially the middle position. That setup kills for reggae. Into a fender amp that is almost dirty, the middle position has this amazing compressed sound when picking reggae style single note stuff.

Into a plexi it just roars. Neck pickup turned down on a plexi is a fantastic clean tone. Love P90s.

I need to measure pickup and screw heights on this on every and see if I can get any of my other guitars anywhere near the chime that this guitar does on the middle position.

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